Monday, June 9, 2014

Where I Stumble

It's lovingly called the "Bacon Diet", which might imply that it's simply one of the best diets around (in the event that you are a meat-eater). It makes Keto sound simple, flavorful, and hearty, and for the most part, it is. But then you go outside your home and realize you can't afford to eat steak everywhere.

Traveling has been the biggest hurtle in my journey so far. Since I started in February I've been to a steampunk convention in Tuscon, Arizona, a steampunk convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, been to several weddings, I just got back from a Strawberry Festival in Troy, Ohio, and in two days I'll be heading up to Columbus, Ohio for a gaming convention (which my husband and I have already decided that we will be "relaxed" with our eating). All of these events have involved being "relaxed", and by "relaxed" I mean more like "ignoring". This results in weight gain, guilt, feeling lousy, and regressing back to my unconfident self.

However, I don't necessarily regret ignoring the diet, at least not with all cases. The trip to Tuscon was masterful. You can read about it in my other blog, Sound of Awkward. I got to try an Earl Grey ice cream that was infused with ladyfinger cakes. No. Regrets. But then there was this past weekend, where I could have at least done more "relaxing" and less "ignoring". It was a Strawberry Festival, so I knew I was going to eat strawberries, but in hindsight I shouldn't have let myself eat all the junk food I did.

I'm still eating it, honestly. I have leftovers because my body got full quickly after eating all those carbs. Since my husband and I are going away this week I figure I'll try to "relax" until the end of the week instead of going back to Keto full-forced just to "relax" two days later. And this time, by "relax" I mean "going into weight-maintenance mode" instead of weight-loss. So it's the way I expect I'll eat after I'm done losing weight (if I ever get to that point).

I was in a thread the other day in the Keto subreddit and the OP was asking about "cheating". One of the top commenters politely said something along the lines of, "You shouldn't think eating carbs as 'can't', but more like 'don't'."

This bit of wisdom helped me feel a lot better about how much carby stuff I've been eating. Because, the thing is, I can eat those foods. I just don't eat them excessively. At least I won't once I'm maintaining my weight.

I look forward to that day, and I'm making huge steps towards that. For the time being, I'm not going to deny myself the simple pleasure of living.

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