Thursday, May 22, 2014

I [heart] Almonds!

There was a point when I first started this diet when I thought I wasn't going to make it. I wasn't going to last a week, let alone years. The Keto board on Reddit sometimes addresses "snacks", but I was reading a lot of people turning to things like pepperoni, hard boiled eggs, complicated recipes, and things that required a lot of moderation if they were to be eaten. But I needed potato chips...

...I needed something I could mindlessly stuff down my face as I read a book, played video games, or for when I get stuck in traffic on my way to read books or play video games.

Then in walks in these beauties. For about $3 I can get a tin of flavored almonds that will last me for days, despite the fact that I could definitely (and have) gorge on them in one.

These are my "Keto Secret", these are what have let me "Keep Calm, Keto On". See that tin on the bottom of the stack? Yeah, that's fricken Habanero BBQ. It's my favorite. I'm eating them right now. They've got just enough heat and saltiness that makes the alternative of a giant box of grippo's bbq potato chips look like a thing of the past.

And the best part? With 28 nuts a serving, and six servings per tin, one serving of these bad boys equals 2 Net Carbs. That means, in keeping with my <20g Net Carbs a day, I get to eat 280. Not that I intend on ever attaining that limit, but knowing that I'm "allowed" to eat a higher quantity of these wonderful, flavorful, and nutriful nuts than the amount of potato chips I could stuff in my face, it makes me giddy.

Going up the tin cans, the Lime n' Chili flavor is my second favorite. I don't normally like sour things, but the heat (again with the hot chilies!) makes it perfect. My husband ate a bunch of them and then licked his fingers, which gave him a sour surprise, since the flavorings can build up a lot as you're eating and give any veteran finger-licker a run for their money.

Smokehouse wasn't one I personally liked, but my husband enjoyed it enough. However, I don't think he got to touch my toasted coconut tin. They're a tad higher in the Net Carb count than the other ones, but since they're a bit more dessert-y, it makes sense.

Not pictured, Travis really likes the Wasabi & Soy flavor. I didn't mind it, but I figured I should let him have a tin to himself.

The fruit-flavored almond varieties are a must for the occasional "treat". They require a bit more moderation, since they're 6 Net Carbs per serving (for the Strawberry flavored) per 28 nuts as opposed to 2 Net Carbs. They're also a bit more pricey, but definitely a must for those who have a sweet tooth and did a dash of fruit/berry flavors in your day!

So, as I mentioned in my last post, if you're ever in the neighborhood or at the store and you want to show your support... I'll take Blue Diamonds over regular diamonds any day. Especially since I can't get a wedding ring that's habenero bbq flavored.

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