Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Keto Diet

A few weeks ago I made a post about developing a lifestyle change in our diet (my husband and I). Shortly after that a friend of mine messaged me on Facebook about how her and her husband used the Keto diet to lose some weight before their wedding and have since regularly adopted its principles as part of their diet.

So we decided to give it a go.

Keto, in it's most basic terms, is a "Low-Carb, High-Fat" (LCHF) diet. Adkins might ring a bell; however, adkins and the "standard" Keto diets are different in terms of their facts and applications. Both address the LCHF functionality, but Adkins has some facts wrong. Such as he believed that calories don't matter and that protein doesn't need to be regulated. The almighty fat was the superhero, and as long as you didn't have carbs, that was good enough. With Keto, everything is accounted for: Fat, Protein, and Net Carbs (Total Carbs minus any Fiber). Calorie count is also regulated to ensure dieters aren't over/under eating based on desired weight loss/gain.

The standard micronutrients (macros) that are suggested for Keto are 65% Fat, 35% Protein, and 5% Net Carbs. The calculator I use for my specific macros comes from the Keto Calculator. Don't take my word on this diet, because I know LCHF is controversial. I did research for at least two weeks before we decided to start, since Adkins is a bad memory from my teenage years of pork rinds and salami rolls.

As starting points for research, I recommend reading the Keto Reddit (they have many "Useful Links" in the sidebar, including articles that link to the following videos), watching "Fat Head" (1.75 hours) on YouTube, and "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" (1.5 hours) via YouTube.

We've been on the diet for a week now, largely following the meal plan laid out by Caveman Keto. Both the Chorizo Breakfast Fritatta and the Mexican Spinach Casserole are delicious! I've also made pepperoni "chips" (pepperoni with ricotta and mozzarella stacked on top then baked), eggs and bacon, and some various cheesy-meaty meals. The entire time inputting the nutritional values into MyFitnessPal (designbywho).

Travis and I took "before" photos, I look forward to showing you the "after"!

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