Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Journey So Far

So many people in the world today would say they want to lose weight, but only a few truly make the life changes necessary to do so. I want to be one of those few people.

I've spent the majority, if not all, of my life as a "fluffy" person. Maybe not particularly overweight, or obese, but... bigger. This is not something I can really change, as a lot of my huskiness is genetic and a result of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

However, just because I have a syndrome that prones me to being overweight, and the fact that many people in both sides of my family are overweight, are no excuses for not eating healthy and being active.

Up to this point, I have tried the Atkin's Diet, Weight Watchers, counting calories, and working out three times a week for an hour (did that for a good few months, it was my best effort). Right now I'm just trying to make healthier choices. I bought a yoga mat (soooo comfy!) and have been trying to follow a few at-home workout videos on YouTube. As my previous article suggests, I'm also keeping track of myself by using Jawbone's "UP" fitness band.

So, a few things I'm going to do in order to better myself:
  1. I'm going to make a meal plan.
    1. My husband and I have been trying to find a meal plan that is cheap and works for us. He packs a lunch for work 5/7 days of the week, and we like to eat tasty food. I don't want to have to skimp out on flavor in order to accommodate healthiness and portability.
      1. Soups. Lots of soups.
  2. I'm going to dedicate an hour of each day to spiritual and physical activities.
    1. Meditating, Walking, Biking, Strength Training, even just doing Wii Fitness/Sports games.
  3. Keep an active log on MyFitnessPal.
    1. Username: designbywho
I don't believe in "diets" anymore. In order to lose weight, I need to change the way I live my life. At 25 and 260lbs, I need to start working towards the person I want to be before I lose the will to do so. I want to be healthy for myself, my husband, and my future kids. I want to go to Disneyland with them and not have to worry about fitting in the seats of the rollercoasters. I want to be comfortable in the clothes I wear.

I'm going to get what I want, and I hope I can maybe inspire someone to do the same for the right reasons.

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